Recap of the Big Ten Conference Championship

For those of you who didn’t listen to my podcast I posted last week predicting the outcome of the Big Ten Conference Championship Game, thank goodness.  For those of you who did listen to it, I deeply apologize for my embarrassing prediction.  Remember when I said confidently Wisconsin would beat Ohio State 34-24?  Well, Ohio State must have listened to my podcast before the game, as they went on to dominate Wisconsin 59-0 in a game that was never close.  In my defense, nobody thought it would be that big of a blowout.  In case you missed the game here are the highlights below.

I made a bold prediction that Melvin Gordon would run for 175 yards and 3 touchdowns. Well, if I subtracted 100 yards and 3 touchdowns from that prediction I would have been spot on.  That’s right, Gordon rushed for 75 yards and 0 touchdowns.  I also thought Cardale Jones would struggle in his first career start, but instead he only threw for 257 yards and 3 touchdowns.  The only accurate statement I made throughout my entire podcast was stating Ezekiel Elliot would have to have a big game for Ohio State to win.  He had more than a big game as he rushed for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Ohio State played like a team trying to make a statement.  That statement was clear to the College Football Playoff Committee; clear enough that the committee pushed Ohio State into the top four of the College Football Playoff Rankings.  They earned a spot in the playoffs where they’ll meet the top ranked team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Can I bet against Ohio State again after their performance against Wisconsin?  We’ll have wait and see.

Before I close out this post, I’ll leave you with a hype-up video for each team who made the college football playoff.  Man, do I love bowl season.  Enjoy!



Florida State

Ohio State


2 thoughts on “Recap of the Big Ten Conference Championship

  1. Wow. You were way off in your prediction. In your defense, who knew Ohio State would come out like that, especially with a third string quarterback. Hopefully Alabama mops up Ohio State so we Penn State fans do not have to listen to Ohio State fans!


  2. I really like how this post connects to your previous post! You reference your last post in a way that connects you with your reader. I enjoyed the initial humor of this post. (I can’t believe Ohio State beat Wisconsin so badly!) In addition to the humor, I enjoyed how you got very specific in the details of the game. The videos were a great addition as well! Great job!! :DD


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