Big Ten Conference Championship Preview Podcast

It’s that time of year, championship weekend.  This Saturday, conference foes will line up to battle for their respective conference championship.  Wisconsin and Ohio State square off at 8:00 PM ET, battling for the right to claim themselves Big Ten Conference Champions.  Listen in to my podcast below as I preview the two teams and share my prediction on the outcome of the game.

In case you aren’t familiar with either the Ohio State Buckeyes or the Wisconsin Badgers, I included these pump-up videos from each program to help catch you up. Enjoy!

One thought on “Big Ten Conference Championship Preview Podcast

  1. Unfortunate prediction here but I don’t think anyone would have disagreed with you. When I checked the score of the game this weekend I literally did a double take. I COULD NOT BELIEVE what I had just read. It was an impressive and convincing win for the Buckeyes. Even though they dominated this game I was still surprised to see that they are one of the top 4 teams. TCU and Baylor will definitely have something to say but I am excited for this year’s inaugural college football playoffs.


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